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 Video clips:

  • Judith on ‘Job Hunt (9:15)
    With Tori Johnson, Judith gives in depth help on creating the perfect resume, what needs to be in it and why. Your resume introduces you to your prospective employer and needs to create a good impression.
  • When to Hire a Career Counselor (2:08)
    Judith explains what a career counselor is and when you should hire one – prior to considering major career changes in your life.
  • How to Stay Motivated (4:27)
    Judith shares some useful advice on the source for motivation, how to remain motivated throughout your work and routine, and how to harness that motivation towards professional success and empowerment.
  • Managing Up (1:17)
    Judith shares some advice on how to bring enthusiasm into your work life, and how to use your skills and experience to the best of your advantage in your current workplace.
  • How to Survive Office Politics (2:30)
    Judith shares some great advice on how to survive the complex workings of office politics, and how to cope with changes in office dynamics.
  • A Guide to Mentoring (2:04)
    Judith discusses the importance of mentoring, and taking someone else under your wing, as well as the benefits of providing such assistance.

Audio clips

Kathleen Maloney on FM 101.9 News Career counselor Judith Gerberg gives advice on taking action to find yourself a new job and making best use of your personal network.

NPR: Help Wanted: The Classifieds / The Brian Lehrer Show A special NPR radio series where Judith Gerberg looks at real job listings and gives specific advice to potential candidates.