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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive, returning to the workforce or an entrepreneur, develop the courage, resources, and skills to discover and succeed in your life! 

“Effective career counseling is not just about landing a job, it’s about managing one’s circumstances. I guide my clients to find their mission in life today and 10 years down the road.” Judith Gerberg, International Career Counselor

As quoted in the New York Times, Judith Gerberg advises “Finding a career and a job is kind of like dating, no matter what the statistics are, all you need is the one you want.”

Watch the TV interview with Diana Williams on ABC News where Judith explains how to get a job in the current economy, Our clients are getting jobs now.”

Listen to “Help Wanted: The Classifieds” on The Brian Lehrer Show a special NPR radio series where Judith looks at real job listings and gives some specific advice to potential candidates.

Read useful tips about “What you should be doing” to break out and create change. Judith advises, Before looking for a new job, figure out what you do best.” 

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