What our clients say about our work

“Judith – You made me realize that public service comes in all forms. Working at Disney, and giving away millions of their dollars on outreach efforts (and being able to support my family) was a viable alternative when I was grappling over a life in the Peace Corps or other paths that seemed more politically correct than Corporate America. You always lay the groundwork for new insights and moments of clarity.” – Deborah Dugan, Former President, Disney Publishing Worldwide/ Current President of RED.org.

“I could not have conceptualized and acted on such a tremendous career and life transformation without effective counseling. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me.” – Matthew, Finance.

“Thanks so much for your help. Sorting through my priorities and options with you was a life saver!  I wish all my friends juggling their careers, their art and their relationships could see you.” – Nancy Schwartzman, Documentary Filmmaker & Director of “The Line”

“Thank you so much for everything; I really feel like you were an incredible catalyst towards all of these exciting things to come.”– Karen, Multimedia Strategist.

“You have been able to bring me to the crest of a new era and opened my eyes and given me the courage and strength to discover ME, you’ve done it with grace and perseverance, and again, I am thankful for having met you.” – K.B., Finance.

“Who knew how much fun, and enlightening the search could be. Thank you!” – Jill M, career change explorer.

“Judith is a consummate professional with years of experience in helping individuals, to focus on their lives.” – Mary Rudie Barneby, Former President Financial Service Co.

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