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NEW! How to Handle the Holidays with Grace and Ease

Join us Saturday, December 15th from 4-6p for a special $99 pop-up workshop conducted by Judith Gerberg

Learn how to use new stress management techniques everyday and especially around the holidays.

Workshop is open to everyone interested and will be held at gerberg & co, 1745 Broadway, Suite 1744, NYC 10019 on Saturday, December 15th from 4-6p. 

*Judith is always available for individual sessions. Contact us below to register.



Previous Events

Break Through Indecision with Judith Gerberg 

Do you get overwhelmed by having ‘too many choices’?
Does making decisions seem ‘too risky’?
Are the rewards ‘out of reach’?
A decision is the first step to strategize and create your future. Through decision-making, action steps are created, motivation thrives, and projects are completed. Everyone experiences indecision, yet breaking through allows forward movement and success.

Maybe it is your résumé…

There are no right ways to create a résumé, yet simple mistakes can immediately make them less effective. Résumés are selling pieces. Are you communicating what you truly want to be hired for?
Join us Monday, March 13th for our new Résumé Clinic with gerberg & co’s content provider and résumé expert, Jessica Rosado.  Find out if it is your résumé after all.

Courage Coaching / To Be or Not to Be… Is That Your Question?

Clients often ask,“How do I decide where I want to go from here?” 

Sometimes the answer lies in the flip of a coin.

Change can be scary, yet no change is fatal. Knowing who you are, what blocks you, and how you think about options can actually turn change into an exciting challenge.
Whether you’re thinking of a new phase in your career or a complete transformation- it’s important to ask: Is it your industry? Is it a bad boss? Is it you?
Join in a special journey to make those important decisions for the next phase in your life.
As your Courage Coach© I’ll help you identify and overcome your road blocks, create doable action steps, and send you home with a clear plan through creative and logical exercises… & coins!
This workshop is serious fun and we are offering it twice. Your first decision is choosing when to attend 🙂  **Judith is also available for individual counseling.

Creating Your Unique Career & Practice

Create a career and professional practice based on your unique skills and interests. Organize to develop the tools and the courage you need to move forward.

NYU Steinhardt Sponsored by NYU Art Therapy Program

Live Life Brilliantly!

Do you know what you want your future to be… and beyond?  mort_gerberg_cartoon

Design Your Thrilling and Fulfilling Future!  Incorporate Insights from the latest Neuroscience Research & Other Cutting Edge Techniques.

Where Are You Now? And What Are Your Undiscovered Spaces?
Clarify Intention & Vision: Where Is Your Commitment and What is  
Your Passion? Move Forward: Discover Your Inner WisdomCreate New Goals to Design Your Future

 Leave with A Specific, Actionable, Personal Roadmap! *Includes a one hour private session with Judith Gerberg.